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The Mafia archipelago consists of one large island and several smaller ones, each boasting a unique history and bursting at the seams with natures personal touch. The tropical islands are teaming with fantastic colours and lush vegetation, giving a home to a wide amount of animal species from the tiny butterflies to the graceful fruit bat.

Slipping just below the surface of Mafia's ocean, you find yourself in one of the greatest locations to either start or continue your diving adventure. The majority of the time you will find yourselves as the only divers on site, having a whole section of the ocean just for yourself. With one of the healthiest and diverse coral reef systems, warm waters averaging 26'C, visibility of 25-30 metres and the added security of a well governed Marine Park – there is not much more to ask for!

Mafia Island Diving Centre has been in action since 2005 and is one of the longest standing dive operators on the Island. We are also the only dive centre offering all possible range of courses including SSI. Offering land based expeditions as well as water based adventures suitable to all ages and all walks of life. Many of our excursions are run in conjunction with community based projects and help to raise awareness, promote sustainable tourism as well as eco-friendly practices. The aim of which is maintaining what is so special about Mafia – its pure, natural environment. PADI eLearning