Bwejuu Island

Considered by many to be the most beautiful island in the archipelago, Bwejuu is situated South of Mafia, 3 hours away by boat.

Bwejuu is perfectly positioned halfway between the main island of Mafia and the delta of the Rufiji River. It boasts spectacular, white sandy beach and is less than 2 kms long and no more than 200 metres wide at its widest point. Day trips can be offered to spend a day lost on a tropical island.

Shades will be set up amongst the palm trees and BBQ fish served in time for lunch in true Mafian style. Swimming in the turquoise waters just off the beach is not to be missed and some snorkelling or diving can be made as well. This excursion will be highlighted by the beautiful sail to and from the Island, one can day dream at the stunning Islands that surround the path or read a book under the shade of the sail.

This excursion is extremely tide and weather dependent and is subject to availability. For this trip to be planned, a minimum of 6 clients is required. Food and beverages are provided by your respective hotels.