Dhow Sailing

One of the simplest, most relaxing and picturesque excursions - a gentle sail around Chole Bay.

The dhow is a traditional boat and the preferred vessel in East Africa for hundreds of years. The wooden boat offers a most comfortable, smooth journey over the rippling water. There is a pleasant seating area offering you the chance to settle back, take in the sunshine and the view – pure relaxation.

This is a unique trip, sailing around spectacular views of the islands but also appreciating the immense culture that the dhow represents. If the wind is ample with easy conditions and at the discretion of the Captain himself, you may even have a try at sailing the boat yourself! adjusting the rudder to weave the boat left and right through the Indian Ocean.

It can be organised with your respective hotels to have a cool box accompany you on board, with some cool beverages and light snacks.

This excursion is perfect for kids, couples, adventurers and photographers. Please note that the captains will be in charge of the boat at all times. This excursion is wind and weather dependent.