Our boats are all custom built, beautiful and comfortable traditional Dhows. These boats offer both a shaded area as well as an equally comfortable, pillow strewn 'sunbathing' area, allowing you to experience and appreciate the beauty of the Mafian coast as well as making it to the dive site in good time. The boats always set off with emergency oxygen, comprehensive first Aid kits, life jackets and mobile phones. Each boat is also equipped with an easy access ladder. All our captains have extensive experience on Mafian waters and are more than competent to deal with any issues that arise. We always offer water, tea and coffee on the boats as well as a few small snacks.


You will find top quality, well serviced and maintained rental gear here.

We offer Mares Vector and Scubapro T-One BCD's and Scubapro MK2 regulators.

There is a wide selection of 3mm wetsuits, both long and short of H20, Subgear and Seacsub brands.

Our fins are Scubapro, closed heel and our masks and snorkels are a variety of brands and styles to guarantee a comfortable fit.

Suunto Gecko dive computers are also available for renting as well as a wide range of underwater torches. We have aluminium tanks of 10L, 11L and 12L capacities which are filled by our Bauer compressor.

Other facilities

After every dive your arrival is greeted with tea and coffee and an extensive collection of fish identification books. In the comfort of our centre we assist in identifying fish species, logging dives, answering questions and having laid back discussions and inevitable story swapping.

At the Centre there are 2 fresh water showers, 2 self contained toilets and 3 fresh water tanks for rinsing equipment as well as an extensive area for drying. A seperate fresh water bucket is provided for those with cameras.

On site we also have a classroom, strategically placed in an open, well ventilated area away from the hustle and bustle of the dive centre to allow for a quiet, peaceful studying environment – and not to mention fantastic view of the bay!