Fisherman Island

Fisherman Island is a beautiful small islet found on the North Eastern side of Chole Bay.

Its name comes from of the periodic presence of Mafian Fisherman who stop over to dry their catch before returning to the mainland of Mafia. This excursion is a high tide alternative for the BBQ on Marimbani Sandbank.

First, guests will be taken out to one of Mafia's stunning snorkel sites followed by a small sail to the Island itself. Once there, a shade and some mats will be set up for you to chill and kick start your hours of complete relaxation. On the Island itself it is possible to sunbathe, explore the mangroves, which hide one side of the Island or swim in the crystal clear water just in front of your camp. It is also possible to do some snorkelling here.

Whilst you acquaint yourself with your own private island, our team will start to set up a traditional Mafian, fish BBQ and prepare your lunch.

This trip is tide dependent and unfortunately one can not hide away in peace for the whole day. The trip lasts around 4 hours and is a true Robinson Crusoe experience with a splash of Swahili culture.

All food and beverages are provided by your respective hotels.

All in all, Fisherman Island provides for a great, relaxing day of enjoyment on Mafia Island.