Ras Mbizi - Hippo tour

A series of Reed-lined lakes in central Mafia are probably the remnants of an old lagoon which was cut off from the ocean thousands of years ago.

There lives a small population of Hippopotamus. Little is known about the population, but it is presumed that they crossed over from the Rufiji or were washed over to the island by floods in the river system. They have been on Mafia for many years, their presence has been recorded here since 1895.

This particular population is very elusive and seldom spotted. In fact recent sightings are as a result of a local hippo whisperer, he whistles and clicks various tunes to entice the hippos out of hiding.

Even if not spotted, this excursion offers beautiful scenery and a chance to spot plenty of other island creatures amongst the vegetation and ponds. This is a car or bajaj based journey accompanied by a guide.

Tea and coffee will be served with some small snacks on the banks of the ponds whilst you absorb the natural beauty of your surroundings.