Full Mafia Island Tour

For those Individuals who want to see Mafia Island in its whole, we specially designed an excursion which encompasses all the various interest points into one, creating the Full Mafia Island Tour.

This excursion will set off from your hotel at 08:30 am and head straight for the North of the Island where one will be able to see the lighthouse and the 'edge' of Mafia, with all its wonderful views.

Next, you will find yourselves arrive just in time for lunch at Kanga beach. Our guide will set up the shade and mats for you to laze under. Feel free to jump in the crystal clear water and swim whilst he prepares some BBQ'd lobster and fish for your delicious beach picnic.

Then, after lunch, a quick stop to try spot the elusive hippos. Hopefully after seeing plenty of grunting hippos, you will be ready to jump into the busy main town of Kilindoni for a spot of shopping, dose of culture and a visit to the harbour, local artisans and eateries.

After all this action, you will end up at the Whale Shark Lodge and be invited to put your feet up, order a cool drink and watch the sun set. One can remove the excursions less interesting to them to tailor fit the adventure as their own.

This trip can be done by bajaj although it is way more comfortable by car.