Juani Lagoon and Jellyfish Pool

A very relaxed half-day spent sailing through a pool-like channel with clear blue waters.

The blue lagoon is a long channel linking the huge inland bay with the open sea that bisects the southern point of Juani. At the end of the channel is an enormous natural swimming pool whose level varies according to the tides and also boasts a staggering number of upside down jellyfish.

After a short walk you can enjoy its clear waters, swimming in your own private, natural pool. The area can only be reached by boat during high tide for a few hours a day. Those more adventurous individuals amongst us could trek from Kua to the Blue lagoon through the lush green forests, inhabited by monkeys and tropical birds. By doing this on low tide one will witness a natural phenomenon only known to few people: the whole channel drains of water creating an extraordinary view of the ocean waves breaking on the reef in the background.

On the way back, wind allowing, our boat crew will raise the sail and pleasantly, glide back to Mafia's shore with a cup of tea or coffee in hand.

A fantastic photo opportunity of nature at its best.