Kilindoni tour

Kilindoni is the capital of Mafia Island, the 'big city', the hustle and bustle of the Island.

Visiting the main town is an exceptionally interesting and humbling experience. Our guide will show you the true Mafia, by taking you through all the small pathways amongst the market, showing you the people going about their daily business. It is a fascinating experience to see the modest epicentre of activity.

You will have the opportunity to witness Mafians hard at work, making nails, selling fruits, vegetables and fish. You will also be directed to see Mafia's port where all the dhows land after their trips through the perilous sea to the mainland or to Zanzibar. You will also have the chance to browse the various fabric stalls, mitumba shops and spice vendors.

Our guide will direct you to several local food eateries should you wish to sample an authentic Mafian restaurant. This excursion invites you to make something different out of your holiday, not just staying in the confines of the hotel, really discovering Mafian culture and life. At the end of the excursion, our guide will take you to the nearby Whale Shark Lodge to enjoy a cocktail or cold beverage accompanied by a stunning sunset over the Indian Ocean.

This excursion is advised for the afternoon to avoid the sun and can only be done by car or bajaj. Men and women must dress moderately with women covering their knees and shoulders.