The lighthouse and Kanga beach

Mafia Island was historically purchased from the Arabs by Germany in 1890. Mainland Tanzania and Mafia Island were colonised by the Germans until it was captured by British troops in World War I.

The Germans erected the lighthouse and it has stood there ever since, receiving restoration efforts some years ago. The lighthouse is situated on the northern most tip of Mafia and is not only visited for its historical properties but more so for its incredible views. From the top of the tower, one can see for miles over the Open Indian Ocean, a truly exquisite site.

If one turns South, views of the Mlola forest come into sight, with towering tree's and lush, green patches. Our excursion to the North offers one the chance to bare witness to history and enjoy a small picnic on the edge of Mafia, with some of the most beautiful views imaginable. This excursion is only possible by 4x4 due to the state of the roads.

All of the best beaches on Mafia are found in the North of the Island. Miles and miles of untouched coastline, with no fighting over space - just an endless sea of sand that slowly slips into the aquamarine, Indian Ocean.

This excursion offers guests to escape the touristy area of Utende and join a list of few on the unbeaten track to Kanga beach in the North West. The journey can be done by car or bajaj and can take up to 2 hours and be a little bumpy depending on the state of the roads.

Once we have arrived and sink our toes into the warm African sand, you will have the chance to familiarise with your surroundings and have your breath taken away. During this time your guide will set up a shady area for you and place some mats for you to laze under. He will then discretely cook some fish and lobster in the traditional Swahili way and serve you with lunch and some coconuts, picked from a nearby tree.

Here on your private, endless beach you can sunbathe, swim or just spend the day chilling. It is possible to venture up or down the beach and discover yet more unpopulated paradise or simply sit back and relax and enjoy the view.

One fish and one lobster are provided per person depending on availability. Extra picnic and beverages can be provided by your respective hotels.