Mange Reef

For those of us who are looking for a full day adventure, Mange sandbank is the perfect option.

A day lost at sea, on your own private patch of sand, surrounded by the Indian Ocean. A true Robinson Crusoe experience with a dose of barefoot luxury.

Mange is a sandbank located several kilometres south of Chole Bay, it is the most pristine patch of pure, white sand, exposed only on the low tide. This little patch of dreams is surrounded by tropical reefs teaming with colourful corals and fish. It is possible, if you look hard enough over the expanse of aquamarine water, to see the trees from mainland Tanzania.

This trip is planned for the whole day and usually departs around 08:00 am to return around 6:00 pm. The boat trip itself is approximately one and a half hours by dhow each way. Dolphin sightings are common and depending on the species and their behaviour, your guide may invite you to slip into the water and have a magnificent swim with one of the most beautiful species imaginable.

Usually we plan to drop on some nearby reefs before heading to the sandbank to enjoy some snorkelling or diving. Once you have arrived on the sandbank your guide will set up a shaded area and lay some mats for you to laze under. He will also set up the BBQ area and start to prepare your lunch.

Eventually, the sandbank will be swallowed up by the sea and the hours of daylight will be few. At this point our guide will invite you to board the boat and head back to Mafia's shores. Wind allowing, the captain will hoist the sail and you will quite possibly experience the most breath-taking journey of your life.

This excursion is tide and weather dependent and requires 6 participants to be planned. Food and beverages are provided by your respective hotels.