Marimbani Sandbank

The Marimbani sandbank is a beautiful half moon shaped piece of sand which can be discovered only by low tide.

This little patch of dreams is located within Chole bay, only 15 minutes away from the dive centre.

The excursion starts with a departure from the dive centre for some snorkelling on one of Mafia's pristine reefs. After the snorkelling, the boat will set off again taking you to the sandbank itself. There you will be invited to acquaint yourselves whilst our staff prepare an area for you to lounge with a shade and mats. From this moment on, it is completely up to you to decide what to get up to. This is one of the most idyllic spots imaginable to catch up on some reading, to suntan, to have a snooze or to have a little walk in the inter-tidal area where it is possible to spot cowries, sea urchins, crabs and starfish.It is also possible to snorkel where one could be lucky enough to spot the illusive seahorses in the sea grass.

Whilst you enjoy your relaxation time, our team will start to prepare your BBQ lunch, cooked in the simplest but most tantalizing way which is guaranteed to impress your taste buds. With a cool beverage In hand and hopefully a camera to capture the memories there is nothing more you could need. All food and beverages are provided by your respective hotels. This trip is usually around 4 hours long but can last until the sandbank slips underwater.

All in all, marimbani provides for a great, relaxing day of enjoyment on Mafia Island.