Sunset Cruise and Moonlit Cruise

The sunset cruise is a beautiful option for couples, families and friends to sit back and relax with a drink in hand and not a care in the world.

Being on the Eastern facing part of the island we are unable to see the sunset from the island. Because an African sunset is something never to be missed, we offer a peaceful, relaxing cruise in the beautiful Chole Bay. After a busy day of adventuring or a lazy day of snoozing, jump on board your private, traditional dhow, for a relaxing sail alongside a fantastic sunset.

The boat will be waiting on the shore ready to depart at 17:30, you will be accompanied by a guide to ensure your trip goes smooth and a captain who will man the rudder and ensure a safe sail through the Indian Ocean. A first class view of the sun setting on the horizon.

Even if it happens everyday, a sunset in Africa is a phenomenon that never ceases to amaze. The bursts of orange, red and pink on the horizon offer an inspirational feeling and a beautiful moment full of opportunities, which should not be missed.

This excursion is perfect for families, couples, photographers and those individuals just looking for a good way to end their day.

Beverages are provided by your respective hotels at your request. Coffee, tea and some light snacks are provided on the cruise.


A unique, special excursion that can only be offered periodically – a Moonlit Cruise.

This is one of a kind and definitely breath-taking. On Mafia the night sky is an attraction in itself, riddled with stars, no planes nor pollution – just nature in all its perfection.

No matter how many months or years someone has been here, you can always appreciate the unparalleled beauty of the Mafia night sky. This is excursion is obviously the perfect option for a romantic, night adventure for couples. It is also appropriate for groups of friends who want to have a few drinks in a unique setting, accompanied by incredible beauty.

We also recommend those budding photographers amongst us to join as the photo opportunities are incredible, with the moonlight shimmering in the water. Wind allowing the sail will be hoisted and your captain will carve his way gently through the clear water sparkling with the stars and moonlight. The boat will be waiting for you on the shores of Mafia, with a captain and guide ready to show you some spectacular scenery.

A cool box can be arranged with your beverages of choice from your respective hotel at your request. A truly magical, water adventure that will be a lasting memory for any hopeless romantic.