Utende Tour

Utende village is situated directly next to the Mafia Lodge and within close vicinity of all the other hotels.

We provide our guests with of one of our local guides to accompany them on their visit to the village. This is a good alternative to going alone as our guides are residents and know all the points of interest and will be able to show you directly to where you wish to go. Our guides are also fluent in Swahili and can assist with the language barrier between guests and locals.

In Utende, one can explore the different stalls which sell a variety of different things such as traditional cloths, local food, artworks and Masai jewellery. There is also the opportunity to buy material and have the local tailor make you a personalised piece of clothing such as trousers or dresses.

When walking through the local villages, guests must dress with decorum understanding that Mafia is primarily Islamic and therefore women must cover their shoulders and knee's. Drunken behaviour and profanities are not tolerated. If you wish to take a picture of someone, be sure to get their approval first.