Whale Sharks

In Mafia, between the months of October and March, one can indulge in a truly magical experience - swimming with Whale Sharks.

Whale sharks are not whales and are not your typical shark. They are the largest fish in the sea measuring up to 20m. Little is known about these gentle giants by scientists, which is what adds to the overwhelming feeling you have when you see them.

The whale shark is a filter feeder and therefore has no teeth, they are absolutely harmless. The majority of the time they are very shy, although on occasion they can be inquisitive making your encounter that much more spectacular.

We outsource all our whale shark tours to a company called Kitu Kiblu who offer responsible marine encounters with these gentle giants.

The tour starts with a pick up early in the morning by car or bajaj which takes you over to the Western side of the Island to their base. Breakfast will be served and an informative briefing will be given to you and the chance to ask as many questions as needed.

You will then be invited on board their dhow and head out to start spottings sharks! Tea and coffee as well as some small snacks are served on board in between whale shark sightings. Wind allowing, you sail back to the Kitu Kiblu base and have a chance to buy T-shirts or your own Whale Shark video. Clients usually return around 11:30 however this really depends on how long it takes to spot the whale sharks and how long you want to be out swimming with them!

If your first trip was unsuccessful Kitu Kiblu have a special offer of 50% off for the next try.