Whale Watching

During the months of September and August we experience the Humpback Whale migration in the south of Mafia as they head for warm waters with their calfs.

These magical creatures can grow up to 14 metres long and weigh a whopping 40 tonnes! Humpbacks are renowned for their magical songs which travel for great distances. These songs are complex and often continue for hours on end. They migrate annually from the cool polar waters to the warmer waters near the equator to mate and nurse.

The most breath-taking moments with these whales is watching them breach, throwing themselves out of the water to land with a tremendous splash. They also slap their fins and tails in a playful manner putting on a superb show. We usually combine the chance to spot these magical mammals with a Mange sandbank trip. After a couple of hours of whale watching we go for a quick snorkel and then a relaxing fish BBQ and picnic on the picturesque patch of sand.

This excursion is extremely tide and weather dependent and as with any wild animal, whale sightings can never be guaranteed. Food and beverages are provided by your respective hotels